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Mod Post: Updates!

Some of you may be aware that the other day I was a little bored and went about updating the community! Made some fresh new graphics and sourced myself some nice looking tables to format the posts in a way that makes the posts look a little neater. I've changed a little information, added a few things. The major overhaul is to the FAQ which has had several points added. If anyone should have a question they think should be added to the FAQ then please comment to that post and I will happily add them!

Another point I would like to make is that I have now officially offered Shin (Tsukki-mun) a mod position, she is now our dedicated Meme Mod! At least once a month (or whenever there is a lull) she will post a meme on the main community for all to play in, if you should wish to join in of course! These things are not mandatory. So please welcome her in her new mod role and please be nice! If you have any ideas for meme's you would like to see hosted here, please give them to her!

I would also be interested in finding a dedicated Events Mod, if anyone would be interested? Someone who would like to come up with an interesting event once a month (or if there is a lull) for the group to play in. These events could be simple things or the more outlandish ideas we tend to see within our beloved anime/manga! ... Though no Magical Girls/Boys please!

That aside, if anyone looks through the comm and finds any errors, typos, mistakes or if there are any issues, please can you address them here and I will do my best to correct them! Thank you.
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What are you on about. Suga-san looks lovely af. XD
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I wanted to call it Suga Popo but Suga is the mama so it doesn't click. >_
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Suga Mama Popo! ... >.> I keep reading it as 'Sugar Mama'...
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Suga Mama Popo. Poor Suga. :'D
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He loves it!
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I don't mind helping with events if no one else is interested :)
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Hallowedding \o/
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shinji wearing white at that haunted house at during atobes gift...foreshadowing
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Sure! But people have to promise to tell me when my ideas are shit :|
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Your idea that your ideas are shit is shit. :P
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but no really, im one of those people where its 50% gold and 50% what the actual fuck except I cant tell them apart
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I wanted to sound clever! <3

Gold + WTF = awesomeness \o/
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♥ Clever and sweet. Also that icon is adorable

HAHAHA I TRY. You asked for it... we'll see what happens :|
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*bluuuuush* They're scary! But Tsukki likes them so who am I to be creeped out? :'D

Come aT ME BRUH. \o/
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I don't have a tearful icon ;;

So just YAY \o/