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Body Swap/Rule 63 AU Meme

…because why not?

How it works:
> Post a top-level comment with your preferences (e.g. body swap for Character B, all others Rule63; gen only; link to kinks list; etc.).
> Tag other characters. If you can’t decide what to do, RNG it, combine body swap with Rule63, cause mayhem.
> Have fun!

Body Swap Prompts
1) "I wish I could switch places with him, for just one day..." — you thought it, it happened, what are you gonna do now?
2) Divine punishment — you thought their life was better than yours, now you get to see for yourself.
3) Something in the Inui Juice water — you start feeling something weird after a drink or meal.
4) Exposed — somehow you got touched by Phlebotinum, and you swap bodies with the next person you touch.
5) Thunderstorm — you and another person got struck by lightning, or maybe just suddenly switched when a particularly awesome lightning struck.
6) Wildcard.

Rule 63 (Genderbend) Prompts
1) You wake up one morning and suddenly you have lady bits.
2) You've always been 63ed.
3) You've been 63ed for a while now and still haven't found a solution.
4) You're not 63ed all the time. Just some of the time. Randomly? Is it a full moon thing? A dump cold water on you thing? An hour a day at the stroke of midnight?
5) Someone (possibly Character 2) has found some way to change you.
6) Wildcard.
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Body Swap - Haru Nanase (Free) - 5 (Thunderstorm)

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[ooc: Putting Haru up for grabs! ♥]

Strange. The weather report hadn't said anything about a storm, but then Haru had only half being paying attention to the television. he'd been more distracted selecting which swimming costume to wear for practice. The day had been clear enough, even warn enough to sit outside for lunch. But now he was making his way home the sky had darkened and thunder rumbled in the distance.

'Che,' he hissed, wrapping his arms around his torso to clutch his coat tighter against his body. It was cold now, and the rain was icy. What had started as a few drops had now soaked through his coat and plastered his dark hair to his pale face. He quickened his pace; the faster he walked, the faster he got home.
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Rule 63 ★ Tsukishima Hotaru ★ choose below!

[personal profile] usuck 2015-10-20 06:49 am (UTC)(link)
[1] Nightmare: AWRP!Tsukki Rule63rd using prompt 1 or 3.

[2] @actualhotaru: AU (high school preferred, but adult is fine) using prompt 4 or 5.


[4] Wildcard: Hit me up with a new prompt.

Let me know which and I'll make a starter or be doll and feel free to start.
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Body swap of doom

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[prompt 1] Curiosity was both a strength and a curse for Tsukishima. True, it led him to improvng things in his personal and professional life, but one thing he could not brush off was his interest in human interaction, how they think (even if sometimes it's not obvious) and react. He always wondered how it would feel like being in someone else's shoes. Right now, though, he could only feel regret at having had such thoughts.

But maybe he could think of this as a learning experience? He could do with doing the learning in his own body, though.

[prompt 4] Dodgy. That was one word to describe the last client Tsukishima met with. It was a wonder he even got an appointment with their firm. Was this someone's idea of a prank? But this was assigned to him by one of the partners so probably not, unless they had a weird sense of humour. On top of it all, the smell of the... sludge he had to touch for examination wouldn't come off his hands.


[wildcard] Make a starter? y/y?
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[Body Swap] Ootori Choutarou - Prince of Tennis: Prompy 1 & 5

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[Prompt 1] He'd always enjoyed watching other people and how they interacted with one another. Had usually sat on the outside looking in because that was the best way to watch.

Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to be someone else. Someone different than himself. Maybe someone shier? Maybe someone grandiose and loved by all? In idle daydreams he'd wondered what it would be like to be so many different people. From famous and in the limelight to married with children.

It couldn't happen of course. He was stuck in the life he had picked and the body that God had given him.

But there was no harm in daydreaming. Was there?

[Prompt 5] Cold. Wet. Cold and wet. Cold, wet and now there was water in his shoe from stepping in a puddle that had been deeper than he realised.

Choutarou cursed under his breath and pulled his jacket up over his head a little more to cover his face from the pelting rain. It was like ice bullets striking him with force enough to knock the breath from him.

It had been sunny that morning. Bright enough that he'd only brought a light jacket with him. Had he had any inclination that there would be rain later in the day he would have warn something else. At the very least brought an umbrella with him! It was too late to worry about that now.

Lightning flashed, lighting up the sky. A moment later a crack of thunder so loud that Choutarou jumped and stumbled to the side.
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1: Went to bed with his bits and bobs intact, woke up with boobs! WTFHAPPENEDIDON'TKNOWBUTMAKEITGOAWAY!
- Either fell asleep in his own bed.
- Fell asleep at the gym.
- Pissed off a gypsy and woke up in the middle of a park.
- Drunk at a party and wakes up in someone elses house.
- Something else!

4: By day Kageyama is a man. By night he's a woman. He's managed to hide this from everyone. But somehow, someway, he gets found out!

6: Wildcard! You pick! Whatcha wanna do with poor, femme!Kageyama?

I don't mind multiple threads on the same prompt! Also open to suggestive themes and naughtiness should you be interested~ XD
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Bodyswap 4 open to anyone

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Kamio drank too much again and managed to misplace his phone.

So naturally, he was sprinting. He didn't pay much mind to the strange colored puddles he accidentally ran over to the process. If he didn't get home pretty soon, he might end up in trouble! The last thing he wanted was to get Sengoku angry at him again.

He rounded a sharp corner without looking and ran smack into a hard body.
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[4] Whenever Tezuka can't resist the urge to tell someone they let the guard down, he turns into a princess for ten minutes. Oops.

Bite and I'll write a tag, or feel free to start!
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