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Body Swap/Rule 63 AU Meme

…because why not?

How it works:
> Post a top-level comment with your preferences (e.g. body swap for Character B, all others Rule63; gen only; link to kinks list; etc.).
> Tag other characters. If you can’t decide what to do, RNG it, combine body swap with Rule63, cause mayhem.
> Have fun!

Body Swap Prompts
1) "I wish I could switch places with him, for just one day..." — you thought it, it happened, what are you gonna do now?
2) Divine punishment — you thought their life was better than yours, now you get to see for yourself.
3) Something in the Inui Juice water — you start feeling something weird after a drink or meal.
4) Exposed — somehow you got touched by Phlebotinum, and you swap bodies with the next person you touch.
5) Thunderstorm — you and another person got struck by lightning, or maybe just suddenly switched when a particularly awesome lightning struck.
6) Wildcard.

Rule 63 (Genderbend) Prompts
1) You wake up one morning and suddenly you have lady bits.
2) You've always been 63ed.
3) You've been 63ed for a while now and still haven't found a solution.
4) You're not 63ed all the time. Just some of the time. Randomly? Is it a full moon thing? A dump cold water on you thing? An hour a day at the stroke of midnight?
5) Someone (possibly Character 2) has found some way to change you.
6) Wildcard.
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Rule 63 ★ Tsukishima Hotaru ★ choose below!

[personal profile] usuck 2015-10-20 06:49 am (UTC)(link)
[1] Nightmare: AWRP!Tsukki Rule63rd using prompt 1 or 3.

[2] @actualhotaru: AU (high school preferred, but adult is fine) using prompt 4 or 5.


[4] Wildcard: Hit me up with a new prompt.

Let me know which and I'll make a starter or be doll and feel free to start.
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[1] Lemme know if I did it wrong

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While Tsukishima looked stellar in every suit Taki picked out, something seemed just a little And it wasn't the fact that the lawyer refused everything purple and fabulous he offered.

Something about the cut of Tsukishima's figure without the jacket. Something in Tsukishima's refusal when the tailor offered to help him.

It was suspicious.

"Are you sure you won't try on this one?" he held up the purple suit again. "It would look so good."
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it's cool! LMAO of course, it's gonna be about the damn purple suit <3

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If only Tsukishima hadn't agreed the last time Haginosuke-san asked him for this shopping date, he wouldn't have been having so much trouble avoiding discovery. It had been hours since he woke up and he still could not believe what had happened to him--or, well, her. For some unknown blasted reason, he woke up into a nightmare: he had turned into a girl. Well, he looked almost the same--it helped(?!) that he was slender so the change wasn't that obvious (thankfully, whatever added to his chest he was able to hide with a tight undergarment), and whenever he absolutely had to speak, he managed to lower his voice enough for it to sound almost like his original.

Whatever the hell had happened, he had no damn idea, but made or female he didn't like the look of that suit, so he had to say, "No, thank you. I really don't like that colour."
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"Ah, I see," Taki smiled easily and stepped into the rack. "The I'll find something else for you to try on, wait just a second."

With a wink, he clacked his heels over to the ladies section. Perhaps if he put Tsukishima into something a little more figure flattering, he'd get some answers.

"Tsukishima-kun," he knocked beside the curtain before thrusting his suit bearing hand through the curtain. The suit in question was a a gray pencil skirt, a matching one button jacket, and a rather pretty blue blouse for beneath.
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That wink was a definite sign of something sinister, Tsukishima was sure, so when Taki handed him a women's clothes he shouldn't have been surprised but he was and couldn't help the rather high pitched, "What's this?" Was Taki just teasing or had he been found out? Please, please, let Taki not have noticed the change in his voice.
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That little fissure of suspicion cracked and widened. Nonetheless, Taki continued to smile. "An alternative style," he explained with a wave of his hand. "Your legs will look great."
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Anatomical change aside, did Taki view him as someone who liked wearing female clothes? He didn't have any issues with people who do, but he might have to rethink how he usually presented himself. Not that it mattered at the moment as he got huffy at Taki's reason. "No, they won't!" Maybe he was acting like a brat, but there was no way he'd wear a skirt. Taki would instantly see that his legs were more shapely than before and what would happen when he got discovered?

Tsukishima made a face at his reflection in the changing room mirror. What a pain. He never wanted to go home more badly than now. "I think I'm fine with the first one I tried." It was black and the cut didn't highlight his all new feminine curves.
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"Oh, that first one did not do you any justice..." Taki dropped his voice low enough to tease, "Tsukishima-chan."

From here, Tsukishima's reaction would be the most telling. Part of him hoped for high pitched screaming.

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Goose pimples rose on in skin at the nickname matched with Taki's tone. "Chan?!" Tsukishima cried before he could think to modulate his voice. When he realised his mistake a second and an eternity of silence later, he tried damage control and said in a lowered voice. "I mean, the first one's totally fine."

Oh, god. He'd gone and outed himself now, hadn't he?
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Though Taki covered a smile with his hands, it read loud in clear in his eyes.

He chuckled and said, "No need to get so upset, dear. If you just try this one on for me, I'll let you buy the first one without much more of a fuss, hmm?"