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Body Swap/Rule 63 AU Meme

…because why not?

How it works:
> Post a top-level comment with your preferences (e.g. body swap for Character B, all others Rule63; gen only; link to kinks list; etc.).
> Tag other characters. If you can’t decide what to do, RNG it, combine body swap with Rule63, cause mayhem.
> Have fun!

Body Swap Prompts
1) "I wish I could switch places with him, for just one day..." — you thought it, it happened, what are you gonna do now?
2) Divine punishment — you thought their life was better than yours, now you get to see for yourself.
3) Something in the Inui Juice water — you start feeling something weird after a drink or meal.
4) Exposed — somehow you got touched by Phlebotinum, and you swap bodies with the next person you touch.
5) Thunderstorm — you and another person got struck by lightning, or maybe just suddenly switched when a particularly awesome lightning struck.
6) Wildcard.

Rule 63 (Genderbend) Prompts
1) You wake up one morning and suddenly you have lady bits.
2) You've always been 63ed.
3) You've been 63ed for a while now and still haven't found a solution.
4) You're not 63ed all the time. Just some of the time. Randomly? Is it a full moon thing? A dump cold water on you thing? An hour a day at the stroke of midnight?
5) Someone (possibly Character 2) has found some way to change you.
6) Wildcard.
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Let's do this!

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Tsukishima didn't usually mind the rain--on the contrary, he loved it--but he didn't have an umbrella on him and he had someplace to be. The last thing he needed as he made his way around with his head ducked so his glasses wouldn't get wet was to bump into someone the same time a loud crack! echoed. One moment he was scowling at a pair of sparkling blue eyes, the next he was looking up. At himself? Well, someone who only looked like himself, surely... who also wore the same clothes and consfused expression behind identical glasses.

What the hell?
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Haru would be the first to admit that he never really looked where he was going. that was the job of the person he was walking with; they would make sure he didn't walk into lamp posts or out into traffic. However tonight he was alone, and there was nobody to warm him about the person hurrying down the path in front of him.

The crack was loud in his ears, and he felt momentarily dizzy as if he'd been electrocuted or something. He blinked away the fog that clouded his vision, then reached up a hand to rub at his eyes. He almost cried out in surprise when his fingertips touched glass.

'What the...?' he looked down at his hand in confusion, then realised that it wasn't his hand. Finally he noticed the person in front of him; it was like a mirror, he was staring at himself. 'What the hell is this?' he demanded of himself.
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He had no answer to whoever this was he was looking at. He was sure it wasn't a reflection. If it was, he and his replica would have been looking at each other at eye level.

Speaking of mirrors, Tsukishima looked around for any reflective surface and saw a glass window a few meters away that was the right angle to see him and, well, him. But what he saw was one him, and one... was that.. "Nanase-san?" The name came out as a whisper because there should have been two hims if he had been looking at a duplicate. And his voice sounded awfully off... He looked back at the reflection and raised a hand. Sure enough, Nanase-san's reflection put his hand up.

A possibility so absurd came to him after examining the evidence: he was, for whatever reason, in Nanase's body.

Was he maybe dreaming?