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Kageyama Tobio ([personal profile] dontcallmeking) wrote in [community profile] anotherworldrp 2015-10-21 12:05 am (UTC)


1: Went to bed with his bits and bobs intact, woke up with boobs! WTFHAPPENEDIDON'TKNOWBUTMAKEITGOAWAY!
- Either fell asleep in his own bed.
- Fell asleep at the gym.
- Pissed off a gypsy and woke up in the middle of a park.
- Drunk at a party and wakes up in someone elses house.
- Something else!

4: By day Kageyama is a man. By night he's a woman. He's managed to hide this from everyone. But somehow, someway, he gets found out!

6: Wildcard! You pick! Whatcha wanna do with poor, femme!Kageyama?

I don't mind multiple threads on the same prompt! Also open to suggestive themes and naughtiness should you be interested~ XD

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