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[Body Swap] Ootori Choutarou - Prince of Tennis: Prompy 1 & 5

[Prompt 1] He'd always enjoyed watching other people and how they interacted with one another. Had usually sat on the outside looking in because that was the best way to watch.

Sometimes he wondered what it would be like to be someone else. Someone different than himself. Maybe someone shier? Maybe someone grandiose and loved by all? In idle daydreams he'd wondered what it would be like to be so many different people. From famous and in the limelight to married with children.

It couldn't happen of course. He was stuck in the life he had picked and the body that God had given him.

But there was no harm in daydreaming. Was there?

[Prompt 5] Cold. Wet. Cold and wet. Cold, wet and now there was water in his shoe from stepping in a puddle that had been deeper than he realised.

Choutarou cursed under his breath and pulled his jacket up over his head a little more to cover his face from the pelting rain. It was like ice bullets striking him with force enough to knock the breath from him.

It had been sunny that morning. Bright enough that he'd only brought a light jacket with him. Had he had any inclination that there would be rain later in the day he would have warn something else. At the very least brought an umbrella with him! It was too late to worry about that now.

Lightning flashed, lighting up the sky. A moment later a crack of thunder so loud that Choutarou jumped and stumbled to the side.

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