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Body Swap - Haru Nanase (Free) - 5 (Thunderstorm)

[ooc: Putting Haru up for grabs! ♥]

Strange. The weather report hadn't said anything about a storm, but then Haru had only half being paying attention to the television. he'd been more distracted selecting which swimming costume to wear for practice. The day had been clear enough, even warn enough to sit outside for lunch. But now he was making his way home the sky had darkened and thunder rumbled in the distance.

'Che,' he hissed, wrapping his arms around his torso to clutch his coat tighter against his body. It was cold now, and the rain was icy. What had started as a few drops had now soaked through his coat and plastered his dark hair to his pale face. He quickened his pace; the faster he walked, the faster he got home.

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